Lights, Lights and more Lights!

Christmas is all about the lights! The stores are bright with Christmas lighting. Every street in London shines with beautiful dazzling decorations. Just a quick glance down Oxford Circus or Carnaby street and you can tell that Christmas time makes us absolutely bonkers for lights! Going loco for lighting isn’t just localised to London though.… Read More Lights, Lights and more Lights!

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Keep Christmas Sustainable!

Making your Christmas more sustainable is a lot easier than you think! There is a multitude of ways to recycle (or ‘treecycle’) your way to a beautiful green Christmas. For a start, think ‘real’ this year. It’s an urban myth that non-real Christmas trees are better for the environment. Well, they can be, you just… Read More Keep Christmas Sustainable!

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The Office Christmas Party

It’s time for the most embarrassing day of the year! No, it’s not Valentine’s day, even though you were caught picking up that large microwave lasagne for two that you full well knew you’d be eating alone. Nope, this is a day that embarrasses the whole country en-masse. It’s a day when everyone throws away… Read More The Office Christmas Party

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Have you made your Christmas checklist?

Listen up and pay close attention! Christmas is right around the corner and the time for dilly-dallying is over. The elves are working relentlessly to prepare your gifts, the reindeer are at boot camp (carboloading for the marathon of their lives!) and what are you doing? I bet you haven’t even written your Christmas checklist… Read More Have you made your Christmas checklist?

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Plan Your Christmas Escape!

“Where are you spending Christmas?” That’s a question we guarantee everyone hears more than once a year. Whether it’s small talk or not, it’s a serious question, and one you shouldn’t have waited for someone else to ask you before knowing the answer… Especially not as late as September! However, we can’t expect everyone else… Read More Plan Your Christmas Escape!


The Christmas Countdown Starts Now! | Pines and Needles Blog

Guess who’s back and a whole lot easier on the eyes? That’s right; It’s us! The number one Christmas specialists are reporting in for our festive duty! We know… you’re still in your shorts, sipping on a cold beverage, desperately clinging to the last shreds of the British summer. You can’t say it, so we… Read More The Christmas Countdown Starts Now! | Pines and Needles Blog