Sunday, 15 September 2013

How often should I replace my Christmas Lights?

This is a common question among people who use Christmas lights for decorating their homes and Christmas trees. But as you can imagine, there is no clear cut answer to that question.

If handled carefully, the same lights can be used for many years on end.  However new ones may be much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than previous generations. This is especially evident when comparing the excellent energy efficiency of LED lights to the older style fairy lights. Battery operated and Solar Lights are also available now.

Fairy lights can be used for many years but occasionally you will find that a bulb blows and the entire set will stop working. You then have the task of finding which bulb is at fault and replacing it with one of the spare bulbs the suppliers include with the lights. Remember these lights are only for use indoors!!

LED light bulbs can also blow but due to their better design the rest of the bulbs on the set will still work. The damaged bulb cannot be replaced in the same way as with fairy lights and if a lot stop working the only option is to buy new lights.

So there is your answer. You can replace your lights every year if you like, or you can reuse the reusable ones and replace the damaged ones.  Electricity consumption can be significantly reduced by using new lights.

Do you reuse your Christmas lights and Christmas tree lights?  Or are you one of those who prefers to replace them with new ones every year? What advice would you share with us?